November 2017

I was fortunate enough to visit the Laufen factory in Switzerland this month.  I knew a little of the history and the ethics of the company, but there is nothing like being in the factory (the very warm factory) surrounded by crafts people and seeing a product come to life.

Part of the visit allowed us to make our own basin, from getting the mould, filling with slip, taking it out of the mould and finishing the exterior prior to firing.  I hope to have it and give it pride of place in the showroom early next year.

Laufen have a very special philosophy and are so passionate about their products, and this shows in the finished results and their level of excellence.  They are very proud of their heritage and hence why Laufen has a 70% market share in their own country!  They even have a WC, produced only for Switzerland!

Am looking forward to having the new BASE furniture in the showroom shortly, available in 39 colours, I’ll eat my hat if you cant find a colour that matches your tiles!

They make damn fine chocolate too!


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