Alexander & Sancto pride ourselves on our design service, being nominated for Bathroom Design of the Year award after only 2 years of trading, an achievement of which we are very proud.

We have continued to develop our design skills, looking at each bathroom individually, certainly not making changes for the sake of change but making improvements where there are possibilities. On many occasions the layout is the best it can be, so we endeavour to enhance the room through the tiling scheme, lighting and sanitary ware.

Alexander & Sancto go the extra mile with our state of the art design software, wherever possible using the exact tiles and sanitary ware specified so the final 3D renders are incredibly realistic. This year we are pushing this realism even further and investing in a virtual reality headset so you will be able to experience your newly designed bathroom from within the room. It doesn’t get more real. Below is one of the many examples of our design and 3D renders. Drag your mouse around on it to navigate in the scene.